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Custom Home Remodeling in Montgomery County: The Bennington Story

Updated: May 20

Welcome to Bennington Builders, where traditional small-family business values meet innovation. Although we’ve been providing custom building and remodeling services to the greater Montgomery County area since 2006, we’d like to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves and our values. 

We can trace our story all the way back to 1982, when our founder David Bennington began working in construction. Though he had a humble start providing general labor and clean-up assistance, he excelled under on-the-job carpentry mentorship and would rise to a lead carpenter position within two years. While he had many years of custom building and construction management ahead of him before he would found Bennington Builders, David recalls that this early success had already jump-started his love of craftsmanship and his dream of one day starting his own company.

A man in a blue polka dot shirt smiles slightly while standing in front of a large outdoor mural depicting a sunset scene with silhouettes of a bridge and birds. The background shows lush green trees and a hint of a sunset through the foliage.
Founder of Bennington Builders, David Bennington

In 2006, David made his long-time goal a reality. Although he had limited assistance overseeing his marketing, project management, and business organization, David relied on his years of experience serving Montgomery County to steadily build up a client base. As Bennington Builders transitioned from small remodels to larger custom building projects, David’s role has similarly evolved from hands-on builder to project director. Although his position has changed, David’s long-term commitment to high-quality construction remains imbued in the foundation of all Bennington Builders’ operations.

Core Values

With over 40 years of experience in Montgomery County as a carpenter, project superintendent, contractor, and custom builder, David has come to hone in on these values as the key to upholding a standard of high-quality construction and maintaining positive relationships with clients and contractors alike. 


As a master carpenter, David knows how to identify high-quality work and materials, and will never choose to cut corners or work with subcontractors that he has not vetted. He notes that often, “whatever savings is gained by taking shortcuts is spent later” when problems inevitably arise. 

Transparent Communication

David feels strongly that “nobody likes surprises.” For this reason, our team strives to maintain consistent communication with clients through a portal software that lays out the building schedule and progress completed on each day of work to keep everyone up to date. Outside of the portal, we are always reachable through phone, text, or email if questions arise.

Community Engagement

Bennington Builders also takes pride in our long-term commitment to the Montgomery County community. David has spent his entire career forging relationships with local families and subcontractors, and he is commonly recommended by clients to other families in their neighborhoods. This trust further instills the values of high-quality work and communication in our company, as we hope to maintain these connections for years to come.

Giving Back

To express his gratitude to the community that shapes his business, David also makes a concentrated effort to give back. He willingly trains employees and subcontractors on the job, and readily advises those in the industry who want to take the leap and launch their own businesses. Outside of more industry-oriented efforts, David also makes a habit of salvaging materials like cabinets, appliances, and countertops from remodeling projects and donating them to community organizations such as A Wider Circle, Habitat for Humanity, and Community Forklift. 

Moving Forward

As we continue to provide remodeling and custom building services to Montgomery County, we remain committed to expanding our relationships in the community and always striving for growth. David shares his own perspective on these goals, noting, “no matter what I’ve done, no matter my experience or what I think I know, there’s always more to learn. If I keep my mind open and don’t shut down to new ideas, I can evolve and become better.” 

This mindset guides our efforts to not only seek innovation internally, but also pass along our legacy of construction knowledge and values to homeowners and industry professionals alike. In particular, we feel passionate about upholding a high standard of building in our community and utilizing eco-friendly building materials and methods to promote sustainability. 

Two men are reviewing architectural blueprints in a kitchen under renovation. The man on the left, wearing a dark polo shirt, points to details on the plans, while the man on the right, in a gray t-shirt, looks on and holds a smaller sheet. The kitchen features bare wooden cabinets and blue protective coverings labeled "MK & B.
David Bennington discusses architectural blueprints with project manager during a kitchen renovation project

We appreciate your time in getting to know us a little better! Whether you’re looking to better understand the remodeling process or stay up-to-date on our latest projects, we hope you’ll consider signing up for our newsletter and following us on our social media. For those considering a custom remodel, we’re just a call or click away! Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can bring your vision to life.


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