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We pride ourselves on tailoring our comprehensive services to your unique needs. From personalized project design to meticulous remodeling to second-story additions, our dedicated team collaborates with you to bring your vision to life. The Bennington Builders promise of high-quality craftsmanship and transparent communication informs each step of your project, ensuring that you feel heard and supported from start to finish.

Project Design

  • Personalized architectural drawings

  • Kitchen & bathroom design

  • Interior design & material selection

  • Decorative painting and wallpaper

  • Custom finishes

Unlock the full potential of your home with our personalized project design services. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to reimagine your space through architectural drawings, careful material selection, and thoughtful finishing touches. Beyond contributing design input, we are also happy to provide suggestions tailored to you regarding increasing the functionality and longevity of your space. With our eye for detail and dedication to high-quality craftsmanship, we can optimize your space to combine beauty and functionality as we bring your vision to life.

Primary Bath 2.jpeg

Chic Silver Spring bathroom remodel with stylish modern fixtures


  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Master suites

  • Finished basements

  • Apartment dwelling units

  • Accessible/age-in-place options


Whether you want to modernize your kitchen with the latest appliances, transform your unfinished basement into a cozy hangout spot, or treat yourself to a luxurious, updated master suite, we tailor each project to suit your lifestyle and preferences. We will always focus first on enhancing the usability and appeal of your existing spaces to avoid needless modifications and costs. Bennington Builders is passionate about making your space work for you -- our unwavering attention to detail allows us to create the perfect outcome for your unique needs, budget, and style. 

Kitchen Dining.jpeg

Bright & spacious Takoma Park kitchen-dining redesign


  • Screened porches

  • Decks

  • Second-story additions

  • Additional living space

Seamlessly expand your home with a Bennington Builders addition! From square-footage extensions to outdoor living and hosting spaces, we are committed to creating additions that blend flawlessly with your existing home architecture. Our team handles every step from design through construction, ensuring that each addition enhances your home’s functionality and overall value. Unsure where to start? Allow us to suggest modifications such as second-story additions for a dramatic increase in space, all while maintaining the integrity and style of your home’s original design.


Seamless Silver Spring home addition blending modern and classic

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